Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family Swap Meet

So Becky has done a wonderful thing for Danielle. Its called Family Swap Meet. Its a place where you can trade your kids for other kids...well not really its more of a story sharing place as well as giving advice and things you may not need anymore, as well as setting up playdates. If you want to contribute please let us know and we will add you.

Danielle is at 8 weeks tomorrow, we go in for our first Doctors appointment next week and hopefully we will have some pictures for you then.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The cats out of the bag

So everyone who we haven't talked to we apologize. Because there is something major going on in our lives and we need to share it with everyone.
We are going to have a baby!! We found out just about two weeks ago and we couldn't be any happier. Its still very surreal for me (Bill), but unfortunately for Danielle the mornings are all too real :( She is a big time trooper though.

We are already getting used to the standard questions.
  1. The Baby is Due April 9th
  2. No we are not going to find out the gender of the baby (we like surprises)
  3. We are kind of hoping for a Boy, just because of the whole generational thing (Bill is the 8th generation William 'insert mothers middle name' Shannon.
  4. We are more than happy to share our baby names with you if shes a girl her name will be Zoe Vera Shannon, if hes a boy he will be William Campbell Shannon.
  5. Yes we are way excited!
The one thing we are running into is our nursery colors, we are using our guest bedroom and we really don't want to paint so we need to look for bedding that will match and we are having a little trouble. So if you see anything that you think will look good let us know!

Now I know that you are thinking hey where is the pic of the pregnancy stick or ultrasound? Well no offense to those who did show their pee stick, we just aren't going to roll that way, and we haven't had our first ultrasound yet. But feel free to join our baby pool and guess the Gender, Weight, Length, Date and Time.

And because no post should be without a picture I give you this.

Where it all began.