Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bill's Birthday Party

I had decided to have a Birthday party for Bill last Saturday. He had been talking about how his mom had always made him a Burt and Ernie cake, so he had found a Burt and Ernie cake pan on Ebay. It took a long time, but I got the cake all decorated and it turned out great!

Abe was a good sport and liked being the party dog. He's definitely the center of attention!

I decorated with streamers and we had put balloons outside. We had chips, fruit salad, veggies, wings, and drinks.
We are getting ready to play Catch Phrase with all of our friends, and of course Abe is the center of attention, again.

Bill's Dad Comes to Visit

So Bill's dad come for a weekend to visit, it was good to see him. We went to Pope AFB/Fort Bragg on Saturday, but we didn't have all of our registration stuff with us, so we couldn't get into Pope. It was frustrating, but I understand their rules. That night we went to a baseball game at the Durham Bulls park, but it was the Olympic development teams, so Team USA and Team Netherlands played. It was fun to see college players. USA schooled Netherlands!!!

On Sunday we went to church in the morning and Al took us out the the Angus Barn to celebrate Bill's Birthday. It was so much food! We had to bring home doggy bags, Abe was excited about it.