Sunday, July 27, 2008

Do we know you?

Hey our friends the Bennetts reminded us how horrible we are at blogging and yes we would agree, we haven't been very good at updating this blog. Things have been quite busy and we have been blogging just not here. We have been blogging almost every week on the Element blog.

Things are going very well for us, we love working with the youth group, Danielle is working part time at a CVS and Bill is still plugging away at Duke. In other news Bill is looking to buy a scooter, because A) they rock and 2) they are fuel efficient, he has tortured his co-worker with questions because he owns a Vespa and Bill can't make up his mind. Right now Bill is thinking of buying a rebuilt Vintage Vespa, if you have any connections or ideas or opinions he would love to hear them.

And because Bill doesn't believe in posting without a picture here is a vintage picture via 1996
It's me and my future bro-in-law and the hair on the head is not real but the chin and the chest is all me baby


.gary.b. said...

holy crap the Shannon's posted!!!

.crystal.b. said...

i second that! and it's all because of us! woohoo!