Monday, December 8, 2008

911 whats your emergency?

So Yesterday proved to be quite a day. It didn't start out that way. We got up on time, taught Sunday School, went to big Church, had a great lunch at Pei Wei. We went home, watched a little CSI and some football before we had to go to church for youth group. It was on our drive home when things got a little scary...well take that back it was right when we were pulling into our driveway when things got really surreal.

Danielle and I were talking and I was driving our Mini-Cooper Clubman, as I pulled the car into our driveway, I stopped and asked Danielle, "Where is the Freestyle?" (Our other car is a 2007 Ford Freestyle). It should be parked on the street just after our townhome. But the Freestyle was no where to be seen. Both our hearts raced, I knew that the car should be there but it just wasn't, I looked up and down the street but it just wasn't there, I walked to where I parked it and although there was no sign of broken glass, but I was sure that my car just got stolen!

I pulled out my cell and called 911, the kind dispatch person asked me all kinds of questions and I answered them all and they said an officer will be coming out shortly to help us out. I was pleased they were so helpful but my heart was still racing, I started to take a mental inventory of what was in the car, the only things of value I could come up with were the TomTom and my cordless drill. Then I got to thinking, what would the replacement value of my car be? Then I thought WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD WANT TO STEAL A FORD FREESTYLE!!! I guess if you need to transport 7 of your criminal friends around...Don't get me wrong I love that car I think its a great car for us but sexy to criminals this car is not!

So I went inside and gathered my insurance information and other documents I could find before the officer showed up. That is when Danielle thought we should go to our neighbors and ask them if they saw anything...I knocked on a few doors and only one neighbor was home, she didn't see anything but she did ask me if "I had parked the wrong way on the street?" And I said as a matter of fact I did." Well she inormed me that she had gotten a few notes from a neighbor about parking the wrong way. That got me worried that maybe my car just got towed I thought there was a sign on one of our streets about towing and actually had the phone number so I started to walk down there and that is when my memory fully kicked in.

On Saturday Danielle had to work all day so I asked her if she wanted to meet me half way and go to Red Robin for Dinner and then do some Christmas Shopping. We had a great meal and then we both got in the Clubman to do our shopping. But the thing is...we never went back to get the Freestyle. We left it there in front of the Red Robin all Saturday night and all of Sunday.

I pulled out my phone again to call 911 and tried to explain again to the nice dispatch person that I need the searches pulled off for a 2007 Black and Gray Ford Freestyle. But as I started to tell the whole story the officer pulled up...I explained to him the whole story and I could see he was doing his best not to laugh right in my face, but he was also very kind, he asked me if "I had a way to get to my car?" and I said "yes I do" and he pulled away, I'm sure he was itching to get back to tell his cop buddies about the idiot he just ran into.

As we pulled into the Red Robin, and I saw my car I thought to myself...I know that husbands gain sympathy weight, and I know that sometimes when women are pregnant they can have more airhead moments that usual...but does that mean men can have sympathy airhead moments as well?!? If so we are in trouble people...BIG TIME!


Andy said...

hahaha... I've done the same thing.. without actually calling the cops, but I can relate!

Krista Lucas said...

oh, and the pregnancy brain moments don't stop once the baby arrives...i've found that they've only gotten worse. so good luck with that. ;)

Unknown said...

this might be the best story i have ever read.

seriously, i'm thinking about changing your names to famous people and starting a mass email (brad pitt and anjelina jolie got together between multimillion dollar movie shoots to have dinner at red robin...)

oh, and the pregnancy brain - actually parent brain and both parents get it pretty bad... at least that's true for us.