Friday, February 12, 2010

I guess we should update this once and while huh?

Well we really should update this thing but rather than do an all encompassing update but we really don't have the time for that right now, so here is an update from the past couple of days. Danielle has decided to pursue a Pharmacy Residency so that means that she has been applying and interviewing basically all over the country. She has already interviewed in Chicago and right now we are sitting in a hotel in Manhattan, celebrating Danielle's birthday as well has Bill's half-birthday and there is some kind of other holiday on Sunday. Now she's not interviewing for a position in New York, it's actually in the Lehigh Valley area in Pennsylvania, she interviewed on Thursday and we decided to make it a weekend and have some fun.

Well mother nature decided to make it a very memorable road trip. Three of the cities we drove through had record snow falls and apparently in Philadelphia they had what is called "thunder snow" its basically a thunderstorm with snow instead of rain, we did not experience it but I can tell you there was a lot of snow and somehow we ended up on a closed interstate and when we discovered they closed the roads to Allentown we decided to call it a day and found a hotel and waited until the morning to drive the final hour and half.

Tomorrow we are heading to DC and hopefully they have plowed the roads enough for us to have some fun there as well.

Here are some pics of our trip so far.

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