Sunday, October 28, 2007

Disneyworld is not just for kids!!!

Bill and I took a weekend, a couple weekends ago, to head down for Disneyworld. We had an absolute blast! We spent all Saturday in the Magic Kingdom and then Sunday in MGM studios. It was a beautiful weekend and such a great run away. I found Mickey Mouse ears that look like Stitch that I love, we also found Christmas ornaments- Disney characters dressed as Star Wars characters. At MGM Studios they had a Jedi Training Camp, which let little kids play with light sabers and wear youngling coats.

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Krista Lucas said...

you two rock! i love the photos, and i'm sure tim would like to enroll benjamin in that jedi training camp ASAP! we should hang out soon...i know you're not going to be around for poker this weekend, and we're out of town the following weekend, but perhaps the NEXT week we can do dinner or lunch or something! :)